Solution Risk Consultants Sdn Bhd commenced operations in 1988 as a general insurance agency. As the name implied, the objective of the company is to provide solutions to individuals and corporations in the areas of risk management and insurance protection. It has since grown from strength to strength under the dynamic leadership of its founder, Dato Winnie Lim. Today, with a workforce of highly experienced and motivated personnel, it has secured an impressive list of clienteles which include first and second board companies listed on the KLSE.

The main principal for Solution Risk Consultants Sdn Bhd is Allianz General Insurance Malaysia Bhd, one of the largest general insurers in the country. The consistent performance of Solution Risk Consultants Sdn Bhd has enabled it to join Allianz’s Royal EAGLE CLUB that is exclusively reserved for the very top performers in the industry. The choice of using Solution Risk Consultants Sdn Bhd by its clientele is due to its warm, personal yet professional services. Another important factor is the close working relationship between the company and its principals, which enable it to obtain the best for the policy holders.

We are proud to be a registered agency for the following insurance providers:

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01. Expertise and advice

We provide valuable expertise and helpful advice to business firms, industries and individuals alike;

02. Client’s interest

We are not an insurance company, and our primary function to represent and look after the interest of our clients;

03. Guidance, advice and attention

We provide professional insurance guidance, advice and personal attention to your overall insurance program including updating your insurance schedule, placing and preventing overlapping coverage;

04.  Premium Ratings

We compare premium ratings. This is possible because we know the insurance market and policy considerations as well as the types of cover in which various insurers specialize in and what their rates are;

05.  Competitive Rates.

We negotiate and improve upon your existing insurance coverage tailored to your specific requirements. It is important to identify the types of risk to which your business is exposed to, so as to avoid over insure or under insure selecting the most efficient strategy for neutralizing their effects;

06.  Hassle-free claims

We handle all claims on your behalf so that settlement can be effected promptly. We ensure that no time is lost in carrying out the proper formalities and recovering outstanding amounts.

07.  Free consultancy

We provide you consultancy services that cost you nothing. We receive our remuneration for the specialized professional skills we perform from the insurance companies as a result of our work in negotiating coverage and handling your insurance requirements.


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