Who can Use eMarine Solution?

1. E-commerce Traders & Merchants


2. Aggregators Trading Platform


3. Transporter, carriers, couriers


4. Financial Institution/Banks


Risk Exposure

i. E-Commerce Traders & Merchants


ii. Aggregators Trading Platform


iii. Transporters, Carriers, Couriers


iv. Financial Institution/ Banks


Why do Stakeholders need protection?


What do eMarine Solution offer?

Protect selller’s, aggregators, transporters/carriers and banks financial exposure and customer relationships.

All transportation involves some risk, goods can be damaged or lost for variety of reasons:

  • unpredictable weather and natural disaster
  • incidents may caused by third party, e.g. traffic accidents, robbery, hijack
  • for international transportation, goods are handled by other parties such as Customs Authorities and airport or sea port authorities and contractors.

Customers/Buyers are not fully compensated resulting in unhappiness. Customers expect sellers to pay the balance or to replace the damaged or missing goods.

Full value all risks eMarine solution insurance to protect against the unlikely event that the goods may be lost or damaged during transportation.

Additional revenue stream

What are the benefits and cost to me?

  • Protects your customer relationship
  • seller will be fully reimbursed when you compensate your customers for the damaged or missing goods
  • it cost about 2% of the value of the goods and sellers can add this to the product price. Ultimately, it is the customers/buyers who pays for this protection
  • sellers enjoys additional stream of income for doing this. For every dollar charged for this protection, sellers keep 20% while 80% goes to pay the insurer.

Computation of Revenue Stream

For example using ABC SDN BHD:

Average selling price = RM88

Shipment Protection cost = RM2

Total cost for buyers = RM90

Revenue stream for ABC SDN BHD:

if  ABC sells about 500pcs per month, RM2 X RM500 X 365 days = RM365,000 per year

ABC Sdn Bhd keeps 20% of RM365,000 for administration Fees = RM73,000

In year, additional revenue stream generated = RM73,000


Protection from one of the best insurance companies