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With More Than 30 Years in the Insurance Industry

Since 1988

Who We Are

Our success is based on providing quality service and offering competitive rates to our clients. Furthermore, we consult our clients on the optimal type of insurance they should choose based on their needs and available resources. Our fundamental principal is to understand and satisfy our customer’s core needs.

On top of that, working towards an efficient and effective way to manage insurance business is high on our agenda. With this in mind, Solution Risk is constantly seeking new and innovative ways to achieve customer satisfaction.

No doubt, we have the credibility to expand our market share and working network. Hence, our customers can be rest assured that Solution Risk is able to cater to their needs and wants.

Thank you and we look forward to being of benefit to you soon.

“Do not be part of the problem, be part of the SOLUTION”.

Dato’ Winnie Lim
(Managing Director)

Our Company


Solution Risk has come a long way since our humble beginnings more than twenty (30) years ago.

Our philosophy of placing importance on customer satisfaction was the catalyst to creating more competitive edge by striving harder through our continuous efforts to deliver excellent services to our customers. These driving factors have eventually established us and distinguished ourselves in the industry.

Our success is founded on providing quality services to our clients based on their requirement by advising on the provision of adequate insurance coverage at very competitive rates.

01 Quality Services

02 Operating System

03 Efficient Strategy

04 Experienced Background

Why You Should Engage With Solution?

Expertise & Advice

We provide valuable expertise and helpful advice to business firms, industries and individuals alike

Client’s Interest

We are not an insurance company, and our primary function to represent and look after the interest of our clients;

Guidance, Advice & Attention

We provide professional insurance guidance, advice and personal attention to your overall insurance program including updating your insurance schedule, placing and preventing overlapping coverage;

Premium Ratings

We compare premium ratings. This is possible because we know the insurance market and policy considerations as well as the types of cover in which various insurers specialize in and what their rates

Our Services

Currently, Solution Risk ranks among the top few insurance consultants in the country. Carved a niche in the market as a establish company, which utilize over 3 decades of experience to achieve superior results which enable satisfactory result for our clients.

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