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Engineering & Machines

Contractors All Risk Insurance

Cater mainly to the protection needs of the construction industry.

Erection All Risk Insurance

The Erection All Risks insurance covers the risks involved during various kinds of industrial erection and testing.

Boiler & Pressure Vessel Insurance

The insurance protects against explosion of boiler or pressure vessel while in use.

Machinery & Equipment Insurance

Designed to cover immobile industrial or commercial equipment.

Machinery Breakdown Insurance

Machines do breakdown unexpectedly. Hence, it is essential to cover these machines against accidental damages and losses.

Civil Engineering Complete Risks Insurance

This insurance covers against losses or damages to newly built highways, bridges and tunnels.

Contractors' Plant & Machinery

Provides coverage for the plant and machinery used by contractors at construction sites

Deterioration Of Stock In Cold Storage Insurance

Coverage against losses due to the deterioration of stocks in the cold storage rooms following a breakdown of the cooling machinery which damage is indemnifiable under the Machinery Breakdown insurance

Electronic Equipment Insurance

The Electronic Shield Insurance provides coverage for your computers and other electronic equipment.

Machinery Breakdown Loss Of Profit Insurance

Safeguard against the loss of profit when you suffer a business interruption due to an accidental machinery breakdown.

Mobile Plant & Equipment Insurance

Cover your mobile equipment such as forklifts, excavators, mobile cranes and tractors which are not licensed for road use.

Storage Tank Insurance

Protect against unexpected physical losses or damages to storage tanks such as palm oil or fuel oil tanks.

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