Solution Risk

Customized Solution's

Smart Condo

A Tailor-Made Contractor All Risk  that enables coverage for all type’s of  renovations works in all JMB managed buildings alike, protecting JMB’s interest and its property master policy.

Smart Parcel

One Parcel Solution, One Worldwide Cover.

Pawn Shop Solution

Creating justice to its industry, Our Pawn Shop Solution evaluates the industry true risk, thus providing the most competitive rate and optimum coverage to all pawn brokers alike.

Smart Cyber Solution

A customized insurance policy that protects SME’s and Corporation alike from risk’s arising from the digital space.

Smart Retail Solution

May it be 1 or 100 outlets, Our 12 in 1 smart retail solution provides complete risk management to your outlet(s) at the most competitive rate. Start by saving with a free contractor all risk!

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