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Public Liability

As a business owner, you would want to protect yourself against your legal liability to anyone who walks into your business premise.

Product Liability

Whether you’re a manufacturer, a vendor, a supplier or an exporter, you are exposed to the risk of product liability claims.

Error & Omission for Management Corporation

This insurance protects management corporations in the event of losses due to claims for any wrongful acts.

Director & Officers Liability Insurance

This insurance is designed to protect your company’s directors and officers against personal liability during their performance of duties.

Employer's Liability Insurance

As an employer, you are legally liable to your employees in respect to their safety, health and welfare.

Comprehensive General Liability Insurance

This insurance is commonly acquired by contractors who undertake projects in industries like energy and telecommunication as part of the contract requirements.

Professional Idemnity Insurance

A professional such as an accountant, architect and solicitor can protect against his legal liability due his own professional negligence.

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